by Liz Fleming

Hotel BCourtesy of Hotel B

Just as the busy urban streets of Lima, Peru’s largest city, begin to close in on you, your taxi arrives in the funky Barranco district, at the curvaceous white entrance to Hotel B, the ‘arts boutique hotel’. The doors open and with one step, you’ve found a chic hideaway you’ll be reluctant to leave.

Though you could easily be whisked to your suite in a matter of moments, you’ll want to linger in the shared areas of this elegant hotel for more than a few moments. Like a cross between an art gallery and a grand living room, the lobby is filled with unusual, creative paintings, sculptures and stunning photography capturing the faces, the places and the emotions of Peruvian culture. Partnered with the Lucia de la Puente Gallery, where guests can enjoy private viewings, Hotel B’s lobby is a museum in itself. Beautiful photo books and welcoming armchairs and sofas invite lingering and in the lounge/restaurant, the bartender is waiting to increase your sense of relaxation.

Hotel B_loungeCourtesy of Hotel B

When you’re finally ready to leave the wonders of the public areas, settle into what may well be the most understated but utterly luxurious space you’ve ever occupied. From the hand-lettered welcome message on your billowy comforter, to the bathtub so deep you might be tempted to try a quick swim, to the tray of handcrafted chocolates by your bedside – these are retreats designed to pamper you from the top of your frazzled head to the tips of your tired toes.

Hotel B_roomCourtesy of Hotel B

After lathering myself thoroughly with the divine ‘El Huerto de mi Amada’ fig and herb shampoo, conditioner and body wash I found by the tub and chosen, I later learned, in honor of an original fig tree growing on the property, I snuggled onto my favorite feature of the room - the chaise longue. Positioned just at the foot of my bed, where, with my feet up, the afore-mentioned plate of chocolates on my lap and a good book in my hand, it was so perfect I’d have been happy to stay forever!

Originally published in Cruise & Travel Lifestyles Winter/Spring 2016 issue.

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