by Vanessa Lee

It’s hard to believe that it has been 25 years since Regent Seven Seas Cruises started providing guests with an unmatched luxury cruise experience which has led them to become the world’s most all-inclusive luxury cruise line. Celebrate Regent’s silver jubilee onboard its newest ship,  the utterly glamorous and elegant Regent Seven Seas Explorer. Our publisher Vanessa Lee, has sailed on every Regent ship since the Radisson Diamond launched in 1992 and now shares her views on the new Explorer.

Regent ExplorerCourtesy of Regent Seven Seas Cruises

Regent Seven Seas’ gorgeous new ship the Seven Seas Explorer is an absolutely stunning ship offering sumptuous décor and exquisite fixtures and more importantly, she provides constant wow’s and has one practically in awe at every turn. She is incredibly beautiful and as time is spent on board, it becomes more and more evident how much effort and attention to detail has been undertaken to ensure every inch and ounce of luxury. There is more than half an acre of marble in addition to more than half an acre of stone and granite. There is gold and silver leaf, mother of pearl on columns and hand-blown and individual lighting pieces by the thousands.

RSSC_SuiteRegent Suite - Courtesy of Regent Seven Seas Cruises

This ship is a floating art gallery, literally and figuratively speaking; with colour, gorgeous fabrics, sexy drapes and tassels, mirrors, covered walls, silky, velvety cushions, and a myriad selection of chairs that are so tactile you can’t stop touching them. As all ships are, this ship is designated as female but the Explorer  is so very much a real woman – she is naturally sensuous, curvaceous, voluptuous, dazzling and enticing. She calls out for attention and for touch and for praise and indeed for worship in some areas. As a rare beauty should. The Seven Seas Explorer, at 56,000 tons is likely the most expensive luxury ship ever built for her fortunate 750 guests who will sail in the lap of luxury and who, at every turn, will be pampered and spoiled. It is clear that intense passion and creativity from its designers and creators has conjured up a ship of complete and utter ravishing beauty.

RSSC ChartreuseChartreuse - Courtesy of Regent Seven Seas Cruises

At times you think you’re in a London Gentlemen’s Club in St James’ as Prime 7 the Steakhouse is modelled after this and then the next time you’re in Chartreuse, the inspiration for which was a rainy walk in Paris along a cobblestone street. Both are literally perfect alternate dining options – with menus to match. And both have the most charming and intimate bars for a pre-dinner aperitif.  These were two of my favourite spots on board but I did also love Compass Rose, (with it’s fantastic Versace charger plates) which has the most amazing lights in it – on the sides they are starbursts in a glorious rich yellow and then in the middle of the room to make one think of water and waves is the most elaborate and impressive light in shades of cerulean sea blue.

RSSC_Compass RoseCompass Rose - Courtesy of Regent Seven Seas Cruises

Then there’s the dazzling Pacific Rim alternative restaurant offering pan-Asian fare with its utterly fabulous art installation, a cast bronze and unique Tibetan prayer wheel which was made to order in Australia and which welcomes you as you arrive for your very tasty meal. There are extensive dining choices throughout the ship, ranging from casual to more formal and with the option to dine al fresco at the casual Sette Mari, for lunch or dinner. Just delightful.

RSSC_Pacific RimPacific Rim - Courtesy of Regent Seven Seas Cruises

This luxurious vessel offers an all-suite, all-inclusive onboard experience for its well-heeled guests most of whom are sophisticated travellers. The accommodations are gorgeous, offering every amenity one could desire with walk-in closets and spacious bathrooms (a tub, shower and 2 sinks) as well as a sitting area, very comfortable beds, a flat screen TV , stocked in-suite bar, an Illy Espresso machine and more  – all of which combines to provide each guest a home away from home. The suite verandahs are spacious and roomy enough for both dining and sunning and, for me, enjoying a morning coffee as one sails into yet another gorgeous port. 

Regent Explorer_ButlersCourtesy of Kalen Hayman - Vanessa Lee and friends with a few of the 13 butlers onboard.

In many ways, the Explorer reminds me of a luxury hotel that might be situated in one of the world’s most iconic cities. The expansive rooms and entryways, soft colour palette, the gorgeous flowers everywhere, stunning staircases and of course the truly world-class art collection, just add to this sensibility. Also the height of the ceilings (and the detail within them) in many of the public spaces on Decks 4 and 5 are impressive and add to the ship’s beauty by creating a greater illusion of space. However this is a “hotel at sea”, providing an impressive all-inclusive experience with premium liquors, wine and champagne included along with a host of other amenities such as shore excursions and gratuities.  But being on the oceans can and does offer so much choice and excitement as well as the opportunity to enjoy this timeless, classic ship as guests cruise on the Explorer in the Med, Northern Europe, the British Isles, the Caribbean, Panama Canal and destinations far and wide.   

Indeed the Explorer may be the most luxurious ship ever built but she is also certainly one of the most beautiful. She is unique, stylish, tasteful and simply exquisite. Let that magnificence surround you, the excellent brigade of engaged and smiling staff pamper you and just absorb every aspect and every singular, magical moment that is the Regent Seven Seas Explorer.

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Originally published in Cruise & Travel Lifestyles Winter/Spring 2017 issue.


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