Celebrity ReflectionCourtesy of Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity Cruises' new global campaign titled Sail Beyond Borders is a statement of its philosophy - the world is better without walls. The modern luxury cruise line that visits more than 280 cities around the world, and is home to a crew representing more than 50 different cultures, has debuted a global campaign that encourages people to travel, experience different cultures and have a more enriching existence. Opening up the world and encouraging people to go beyond borders is Celebrity Cruises' core belief.

Celebrity's 30-second video named "Far Away," takes you on an unprecedented journey, showcasing iconic but disparate destinations from around the world, visually blending both the places and people. Absent of any ship except for a wake intended to suggest progress and forward motion, the ad focuses less on what Celebrity does and more on what the brand believes. 

"There is so much beauty in the world. Travel expands us and enriches us. We are what we experience," said Lisa Lutoff-Perlo, President and CEO of Celebrity Cruises. "Every day we have thousands of crew members from all over the world working in unity and collaboration, in spite of language or cultural differences, or even histories that tell them they're not supposed to get along. They are one of the inspirations for this campaign, and further proof that we can come together."

The timing of the Sail Beyond Borders launch is purposeful and meant to insert Celebrity's message into an impactful shared cultural moment.

"We're in a time that's unlike any in our history and we're encouraging people to be fearless," observed Peter Giorgi, Chief Marketing Officer, Celebrity Cruises. "Sail Beyond Borders addresses the need to celebrate our differences, to participate in the world, to take a journey. And, as a global travel brand that exists to bring people from different countries together to experience every corner of the globe, it feels like the right time to speak up."

Celebrity invites you to join the social conversation on your travel philosophy on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest using #BeyondBorders. For more details on Celebrity Cruises and the new Sail Beyond Borders campaign, visit  celebritycruises.com.

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