In the Heart of the Kenyan Savannah

KenyaThough all of the ten magically beautiful suites at Ol Donyo Lodge offer the romance of open-fronted rooms, with handcrafted furnishings, over-the-top soaking tubs and outdoor showers overlooking 275,000 acres of Kenyan savannah, the ultimate experience is to be found in a ‘star bed’. Set up on the rooftop of your luxurious private suite, a ‘star’ bed coddles you in silky soft sheets and a romantic swirl of mosquito netting under the night sky. As you lie in silent splendor, the stars of the African sky twinkle above and the sounds of the wild envelope you.

Star beds are just one of the remarkable features of this tiny, exquisite lodge at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro in the Chyulu Hills. A jewel-like swimming pool offers a cool, mid-day escape and a ‘hide’ allows you to watch giraffes, elephants and more – without them watching you! For greater adventure, you can take a 4X4 safari, a mountain bike ride or a horseback tour with Maasai guides ready to introduce you to the wonders of their homeland.

Ol Donyo is the only lodge located in the Mbirikani Group Ranch on the Amboseli National Park so you’ll enjoy your immersion in the savannah in blissful solitude.


Written by Liz Fleming

First published in Cruise and Travel Lifestyles Fall/Winter 2013

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