The Cruise Industry - taking us by storm

 Vanessa Lee


Whether you’re a cruise aficionado or not, or perhaps beginning to discover this form of travel, you may have noticed that there have been many exciting announcements from a large number of cruise lines lately, with a tremendous amount going on in this segment of the travel industry.

Ships of all kinds, sizes and types are being built at a rapid pace and many of these are launching in the next few years. It’s a virtual plethora of gorgeous and amazing vessels ranging from small yachts, lovely river ships to remarkable and stunning larger, dare we say “mega” ships with innovations aplenty. And it is a multi-billion dollar industry as well as an extremely successful one as we see more and more travelers seeking to cruise in various parts of the world.

At Cruise & Travel Lifestyles, as you can imagine, we eat, live and breathe cruising but also travel in general as well – and what a great way to see so many countries and intriguing ports of call – so  we keep a close eye, following all the news items and the exciting updates on the progress of all of these ships arriving soon. 

I have now sailed on at least 164 cruises but have also been onboard -dined/toured/visited or overnighted without setting sail, on more than 200 ships. Yet I never tire of hearing ‎about all the great new ideas coming from this remarkable industry. It's almost like -"what will they think of next"? And trust me – there are all sorts of exciting things coming.

I am planning some fall trips now and will be sailing and "testing the waters" for Norwegian's newest class of vessel, the Norwegian Escape, and spending a few days on Royal Caribbean’s  Anthem of the Seas, sister ship to the ground-breaking Quantum of the Seas launched last year. As you receive this issue I will have just returned from a short voyage down the west coast on Ponant’s luxury yacht Le Boreal, accommodating just 264 lucky guests.

And like most of you I suspect, I also do a lot of land trips too, spending time in Europe in the spring and it's so easy to tie in a cruise with hotel and drive time in such places as France, Spain, Italy and Greece. It doesn't have to be just about cruising for me.

And now of course there are a number of cruise lines looking at Cuba as a viable cruise arena. It's opened up and everyone's knocking at the door -if you haven't been before, a cruise may be the best way to see this Island and a few other ports too. We also have details on those new ventures in our columns.

We know how much you enjoy our magazine and all the wonderful articles but it’s also a great resource tool, combined with the knowledge of your travel professional to find out more about the latest and greatest ships, hotels and destinations.  


Vanessa Lee


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