Vanessa Lee, Publisher, Cruise & Travel Lifestyles MagazineVanessa Lee, Publisher, Cruise & Travel Lifestyles Magazine

Travel is Good For the Soul

In my nearly forty years in the travel industry (and concurrently now in publishing), I have seen a remarkable number of changes, untold innovations, and launches of ships which one could hardly have imagined even 20 years ago.

The travel landscape continues to evolve with intriguing concepts and choices developing, as awareness improves of important issues like voluntourism, caring for the earth as well as the animals who roam upon it. There’s the opening of fascinating countries such as Myanmar, rivers like the Mekong, and the pioneering of expedition travel as well. And perhaps we will experience space travel in the not so distant future.

Through it all, I have never lost my drive, enthusiasm and above all, my passion for travel. I feel extremely fortunate to have enjoyed a career that has afforded me endless opportunities to experience much of this world. I’ve met people from so many different countries, lived on three continents, engaged with people of every race, religion, creed and culture; found enrichment, authenticity, adventure and - for me, to some extent -the true meaning of our existence.

 I will never tire of jetting off on a plane, embarking on yet another cruise, or sitting behind the steering wheel and heading off on a driving trip through Europe or North America. I’ll always love finding that perfect, romantic spot for lunch or dinner, and I treasure time spent sitting on Venice's Grand Canal sipping a Bellini amidst the cacophony of sound and sights that are such a welcome onslaught to the senses. Seeing the most ancient monuments in the world, time and time again, I revel in the joy of it all.

Travel stirs the soul and can offer a glimpse of the infinite as you take the opportunity to gaze up to the spray of stars in the inky sky above you.

It is that passion that keeps me moving forward in my desire to share more about travel, in all its stunning facets, with you, our loyal and avid readers. 

It is a pleasure to entertain and introduce you to the beautiful new ships that seem to be launched on a more-or-less constant basis these days. We love to send our writers far and wide to show you some of the most interesting, magical and fabulous spots on earth - those that you may never have heard of and many that are long-time favorites too.

We take you on journeys by car, rail, sea, air and even by foot, as we explore sights and sounds in which we take particular delight. Offering peeks behind the scenes at some of the world’s most charming inns and country manors as well as that sexy, cosmopolitan boutique hotel and even the iconic grand dames and well-known landmarks in the finest cities in the world.

We would be the lesser without our desire to travel, to satiate an appetite for authentic and meaningful experiences. Travel teaches us so much - it makes us different and hopefully better people. It feeds our imagination and our willingness to bend in the wind and to shape ourselves differently. It teaches patience, understanding and empathy. Travel encourages us to step up and out. And, as it has for me, it has likely provided you with some of the most magical moments and memories you could wish for. And so it should. 

So come, join me and all of our esteemed writers as we embark on yet another journey. Come with us to visit the wonderful places, ships, rivers and destinations highlighted in this issue. I hope we can inspire you and set you off on the adventure or trip of a lifetime.


Vanessa Lee

P.S. We are gearing up for our next issues and in early 2017 will have something special to offer you – in honor of Canada’s 150th birthday.

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