With both food-oriented and exotic articles in this issue, this well-known saying seems to be a suitable heading for my letter. Indeed, I believe travel is the very spice of life and gives it a rich and necessary flavor. Spicing up your life by exploring enticing new places makes everything more enjoyable and certainly for me, provides a certain zest and excitement to everyday life.

I adore the anticipation of travel just as much as I enjoy the actual experience. For me it’s like spending a day in the kitchen cooking up some of my special recipes. It’s satisfying, enjoyable and provides a tasty outcome which can be shared. I also like to think of travel as a bountiful feast laid out before us. It’s up to each one of us how much we care to taste, how long we linger at the table and of course, how frequently we might sit and break bread, both literally and figuratively speaking. Travel might be described as a smorgasbord, a buffet, a tasty and delicious repast – and such is this world of ours just waiting to be enjoyed bite by tantalizing bite. 

Having an appetite for life and also for travel, blended with a dash of enthusiasm and an understanding of all that is upon that laden table can ensure a palatable and delectable experience. As we journey the globe, seeking ever more enriching adventures, we can oftentimes literally relish morsels of the most wonderful moments. There are times they may be sipped and savored; indelible memories of far-flung places are imprinted on our consciousness, oceans and seas are waiting to be explored, vistas and sights are there to be marveled at and a wide swath of the world waits for us to uncover it.

Some of what we will see, as we venture forth on our varied journeys and voyages, will provide a veritable explosion of the senses and a tantalizing multi-course meal for the soul. The more we travel, the more we will learn, and the more we will understand. We are then able to recognize that “the spice of life” can be quite different from the tastes and sounds we are used to. And that is a good thing.

So, please enjoy this issue with its focus on the exotic, the delicious and the remarkable. read about beautiful destinations and ships of all kinds. relish a variety of flavors, colors, and awaken both your taste buds and your desire for enrichment, immersion and fulfilling encounters.


Vanessa Lee
Publisher, Cruise & Travel Lifestyles

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