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Oct 3, 2014
Cruise and Travel Lifestyles 920 Yonge Street, Suite 520 Toronto, ON M4W 3C7 Telephone 416-968-9797 1-877-768-9797 Fax 416-968-5912...
Christening Ships With Publisher Vanessa Lee
Oct 3, 2014
Christening a ship is a momentous occasion, filled with pomp and ceremony, special guests, a blessing of the ship and crew, and buckets of Champagne flowing. Most importantly, there is a true sense of accomplishment, pride and anticipation. Ships are...
Travelling Memories From Editor Liz Fleming
Oct 2, 2014
I’ll be the first to admit that I’m incurably nosey….always curious about what’s going on here, there, and anywhere…a bit of a Peeping Thomasina, really. That’s why my job is so perfect, offering endless opportunities for me to pop into a...
Travel Offers
Oct 2, 2014
Single supplement waived on sailings May 16, 30, Jul 4, 18, Sep 19 7 nights round trip Passau onboard a-Rosa Donna Learn More >> Single supplement waived on sailings May 9, 30, Jun 13, 26, 27, Jul 11 Aug 8 7 nights round trip...
Find an Agent
Sep 26, 2014
At Cruise and Travel Lifestyles we believe in travel agents and the benefits derived from utilizing their skills and knowledge when making any cruise or travel booking.
Privacy Policy
Sep 10, 2014
This policy applies to both Cruise Lifestyles and Cruise and Travel Lifestyles, which are the same company but may operate under either name. At Cruise and Travel Lifestyles we value your privacy and respect the information you have given us. We...
Sep 10, 2014
When you advertise in Cruise and Travel Lifestyles you are joining a marketing alliance that brings advertisers and travel agents together to reach Canadian travellers. Cruise and Travel Lifestyles is written with a uniquely Canadian perspective. It provides valuable insights...
About Us
Sep 10, 2014
Our premise at Cruise and Travel Lifestyles is to provide our readership with more detailed information on the cruise and travel industry; providing more insight on the finest cruise brands and travel experiences the world. In December 2006, long time...
In Every Issue of Cruise & Travel Lifestyles
Jan 10, 2014
Cruise and Travel Lifestyles provides readers with insight into the world of cruise and travel. Each issue contains fascinating and informative articles on various cruise lines, their ships and the destinations they visit as well as land destinations, hotels...
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