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PONANT invites travellers to join an expedition aboard Le Commandant Charcot to the remote regions of the Arctic and Antarctica on an environmentally-friendly polar odyssey. Le Commandant Charcot is the first deep-polar exploration vessel to be equipped with a hybrid liquefied natural gas propulsion system and a bank of high-capacity batteries, allowing it to venture through the sea ice while limiting its environmental impact.

Set off in search of the geographic North Pole, sighting polar bears along the way, or head to the remotest parts of Antarctica to seek emperor penguins. Explore on Zodiacs, kayak among icebergs, snowshoe in an otherworldly landscape or even take a polar plunge. And then return to a well-appointed home away from home, for a five-star experience of fine cuisine, attentive service and luxury accommodations.

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The Arctic & Antarctica

A leader in expeditions and expert of the polar zones, PONANT offers the chance to make dreams of polar exploration come true.

The Arctic: The Far North

Embark on rare and epic journeys to the Far North. Be it in a quest to reach the geographic North Pole; explore the coast and the national park of northeast Greenland, regions that are difficult to access and have spectacular wildlife; or sail the legendary Northwest Passage to meet the proud peoples of the Arctic.

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Antarctica: The Deep South

Immense, grandiose, mysterious, the White Continent fascinates as much as it prompts caution. How many have failed to conquer this landscape? How many others, like Jean-Baptiste Charcot, Ernest Shackleton and Ronald Amundsen, have accomplished? Now dedicated to science, this sanctuary evokes profound humility. PONANT’s itineraries follow in the footsteps of the great explorers, each touching the naked beauty of the world.

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