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Hurtigruten Elevates the Guest Experience to a New Level – Introducing the Tallest Screen at Sea

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Technology will take the guest experience on Hurtigruten’s world’s-first hybrid powered expedition cruise ship MS Roald Amundsen to a new level. Her high-tech centerpiece: The tallest and most spectacular LED screen at sea.

Spanning seven decks and 17.5 metres, the screen will give the Hurtigruten guests a truly unique welcome when they step on board MS Roald Amundsen – the world’s first hybrid powered cruise ship.

“Our focus on state-of-the-art design, innovation and technology is not limited to the exterior. It also includes the interior and will take the guest experience to a whole new level. By introducing the tallest LED-screen at sea, we will bring – and magnify - the splendid beauty of the passing nature, to the guests inside,” said Hurtigruten CEO Daniel Skjeldam.

Beyond 4K Ultra-HD

The screen will be located in MS Roald Amundsen’s atrium. Facing the three all-glass elevators, it towers all the way up to and including deck 10. Featuring cutting edge LED technology, the screen will provide a resolution beyond 4K Ultra-HD, with perfect seamless and borderless display.

“With stunning image quality, the technology offers endless possibilities: We can use it to stream live lectures and presentations, to set the theme for the voyage, or just create a special atmosphere. But most importantly, it will be utilized to broadcast the spectacular nature to our guests on board in a format never seen before,” said Skjeldam.

Facts – The Hurtigruten Atrium LED screen

  • Display type: Seamless, high-resolution SMD LED wall
  • Height: 17,5 m
  • Width: 6,5 m
  • Total screen area: 114 m2
  • Resolution: 6720 x 2496 pixels (more than Ultra HD 4K)
  • Pixel density (pitch) 2,6 mm
  • Light output: 1000 nits (or almost 3500 Ansi Lumen)
  • Manufacturer: Expromo

Featured content includes:

  • Bespoke backdrops from stunning landscapes
  • Live coverage from outside the ship, captured by the ships professional photographer with the most advanced camera equipment in the world.
  • 360-degree ultra-high resolution panoramic images from the mast.
  • Live lectures and presentations from various on board venues.
  • High-Fidelity sound “follows” the picture.

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