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Silversea Introduces OTIVM, for indulgent wellness at sea

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The stage is beautifully set. Our Butler has just left the suite, and I will spend the next three hours in a state of bliss. Colour me delighted. The Butler has been bustling back and forth to our suite to present me all manner of confections and delights. He has drawn me a hot bath; I chose cedar and fig to complement my soak from three 100% natural Sicilian Sea salt choices - amber and orange blossom being the other two. He proffers frozen fruits, some strawberries, blackberries, blueberries and raspberries. I also choose from three wellness waters, lemongrass, berry or cucumber – my choice. The only light in our extensive bathroom is the flickering of six candles that beckon. The fragrance is calming and makes for a heavenly experience.

Soft classical music accompanies my soothing Jacuzzi bath as I slip into the water for my rather decadent experience. A bath pillow cradles my neck, and a chilled macaron sits delicately in a glass jar - but not for long! It will go the way of the frozen fruits and my cucumber water. In about 30 minutes, I will emerge, don the special OTIVM bathrobe presented to me earlier, and head to the spa for my 100 minutes massage. The robes are less absorbent and fluffy than the usual suite robes - all the better to leave both the body butter and exquisite oils to seep into my tired and weary skin.

Being a bath lover generally, I could not ask for a better OTIVM experience and congratulate myself on choosing to enjoy this luxuriating bath just before my massage.

The stunning Silver Dawn, christened on our recent cruise in Portugal, is the first ship in the Silversea Cruises fleet to launch their spa concept, dubbed OTIVM, “The Original Art of Comfort.” Based on the ancient Roman culture, ‘otium’ was a unique leisure time in which the elite class could pursue their preferred activities to nurture their mind or enjoy the pleasures of life. And so it is.

I love the original art of comfort and am sure Silversea’s guests will. The essence of the OTIVM experience is that living well and being well are not mutually exclusive – and that works for me.

My lengthy massage, explicitly catered to my needs starts with my preferred oil – I choose ‘invigorating’ as the fragrance is delightful. Then bamboo is used on my legs, and finally, I am liberally massaged with body butter soaked up by my dry winter skin – it feels amazing; I calm my mind, give myself up and indulge.

Then I am willingly led to the Relaxation Room for more treats. I might choose a glass of Champagne, or a special cocktail concoction, some chocolates or other sweet treats. It’s an indulgence for your senses. I could enter the sauna or steam room or relax on one of the five loungers. I am in heaven, as are the others who have just had a similar experience.

The Spa menu is diverse, as are the offerings, and the price, including gratuities, is comparable. A Roman Bliss massage costs $299 for 75 minutes and a Heavenly Journey may cost from $209 to $349 depending on the length of time chosen. For the 100 minutes massage, a guest would pay $399US. Is it worth it – yes!

Additionally, there are facials, acupuncture sessions, medi-spa cosmetic treatments and a couples experience.

The sensory indulgence of OTIVM is across the ship – ranging from the specifically designed bedding and pillows, the bath experience I so enjoyed, a menu of in-suite delights in the evening – such as truffle popcorn, sustainable caviar, a foie gras burger, and more – you get the picture.

The OTIVM Spa concept will be on the next Silversea ship – the Silver Nova when she launches in 2023 and will debut on other vessels over time. It marries very well with the S.A.L.T. program, which stands for Food and Land Taste, launched on Silver Moon last summer. S.A.L.T. is a marvellous concept for the foodie in everyone and takes guests on a deeper dive into the culinary heart of each destination. Enjoy S.A.L.T. Kitchen restaurant, a lab for cooking classes, informative lectures and the sexiest, most beautiful bar at sea. Shore Excursions are a part of the program, offering tours and tastings and a chance to meet local chefs, providers, farms and kitchens on land.

Silversea is better than ever, and with the launch of both S.A.L.T. and OTIVM – they are perfecting their brand remarkably and admirably.

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