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It's America's last frontier, with larger than life scenery and wildlife experiences. 

A cruise to Alaska takes you up the Pacific North-West coast from Seattle or Vancouver to the Alaskan panhandle and beyond to introduce you to some of America's most northern and remote islands and coastal towns, its largest parks and nature preserves, and a rugged, outdoor way of life.

Every day is another adventure in Nature, with excursions to spot whales, black or brown bears, local Sitka deer, sea otters and sea lions, bald eagles and marine birds like puffins.

Eat crab fresh out of the sea that melts in your mouth, walk on ice-age glaciers, fly over never-ending forested mountains, marvel at the true blue of ice bergs, try dog-sledding, salmon fishing, explore nature trails, the culture of the region's First Nations peoples, and gold-rush towns.

An Alaska cruise is the perfect way to provide a lifetime of memories for an entire, multi-generation family traveling together.

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