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A First-Timer’s Cruise to Antarctica - Insider Tips for the ‘Ultimate Journey’

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Barbara Muckermann will tell you that travel is her biggest passion, and yet Antarctica was absent from her travel resume.

Understandable, because even for the most adventurous travellers, a trip to the White Continent, the most remote place on Earth, poses challenges. A job precludes long and leisurely getaways, and obligations to family and friends, among the complications of a busy life, are ever present.

In December 2021, she filled that hole in her personal travelogue. Muckermann, Silversea’s President and CEO, joined the Antarctica Bridge itinerary. This seven-day trip is unique because it offers the same destination immersion experience as the usual 10- to 14-day itineraries but in less time. That’s because Antarctica Bridge skips the usual sea-going path across the sometimes-stormy Drake Passage (at least two days from the embarkation point in South America to its first Antarctic stop and two more days back).

Ultimately, Antarctica Bridge tipped the scales in favour of the trip and persuaded her to take the plunge, a word that also has taken on new meaning for her, thanks to the expedition experience.

Barbara Muckermann Chief Commercial Officer Barbara Muckermann in Antarctica/Photo courtesy Barbara Muckermann

Written by Catherine Hamm for Silversea Cruises (original link)

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