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- Condé Nast Traveler

Step away from the crowds. Away from towering decks and a thousand people, or even more. Away from lines, from waiting, away from the whole idea of group travel.

Step into amazing places, relish intimate cultural experiences, and connect with the world, its people and yourself as only a small ship can help you do. This is your vacation, your own experience. As individual as you are.

Welcome to the world of small ship cruising — to Windstar’s graceful yachts, each one welcoming fewer than 300 lucky guests. With six beautiful yachts, Windstar gives you more true small ship choices than anyone in the world.

Every Windstar voyage starts with you. With a stateroom or suite that’s updated in classic contemporary style with your comfort in mind. With small, handcrafted shore excursions that take you closer and show you more. With legendary service that has been acclaimed the best on the seas.

Come away from the ordinary — come to the small ship world of Windstar.

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