Leave your routines on the stoop

 Liz and jamieEditor Liz and husband Jamie enjoying their Galapagos cruise


We were standing in a buffet line at a lovely Caribbean resort when I saw him…my Uncle Murray. And he wasn’t happy.

We’d just said hello and were barely into the “who’d ever have thought we’d see you here?” when Uncle Murray began to vent.

“There’s no Yorkshire pudding! There’s roast beef, so why on earth isn’t there any Yorkshire pudding?”

Aunt Norma rolled her eyes. For forty years, she’d been serving up grand Sunday dinners in our Belleville hometown – roast beef, mashed potatoes, peas and, of course, Yorkshire pudding.

“Murray,” she groaned. “Can’t you have something else, for heaven’s sake? Try some jerk chicken or lobster. Things can’t be just the way they are at home.”

Aunt Norma was right. The best thing about travel is that it’s never just like home. If it is, you haven’t gone far enough!

In this our latest issue, Fall/Winter 2015, you’ll read about meeting komodo dragons, sailing on a new Windstar yacht, seeing a new world through Charles Darwin’s eyes, discovering Iceland and the beaches of Bali, exploring the Irrawaddy River and much more – all huge departures from the daily routine.

We all have routines – favorite foods, television programs, walking routes, outfits, hobbies and more. It’s what makes us human, and in fact, those everyday habits are the elements that shape our personalities. I’d never abandon mine altogether but I do try to give them a temporary leave of absence when I travel. Opening my mind to new tastes, new sounds and new sensations gives me the breathing room to discover interesting aspects of my own personality and find new favorites I haven’t yet encountered.

With a bit of coaxing, we did manage to drag Uncle Murray on an island jeep cruise (he noted that the roads in Belleville were much better, of course) and then lured him onto a deep sea fishing boat. Much to his surprise, Uncle Murray proved to be a very lucky fisherman, loved his day and couldn’t find a single thing to compare unfavorably to anything back home – not even his catch. Apparently, there is a complete dearth of hammer-head sharks in Belleville.

Next time you travel, try leaving your daily routines on the stoop so you’ll be free to open the doors to all the possibilities for new people, new places, new sights, sounds, smells and tastes that new destinations offer.

Who knows? Breadfruit pudding might be even better than Yorkshire!

 Liz Fleming


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