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Letter from the Publisher

It seems to me that many of us are traveling more and more, seeking immersive experiences to ensure that we truly participate in our trips or cruises. We don’t simply want to be observers. The massive growth in expedition cruising, which can take guests to fabulous, faraway places, is a prime example of sight-doing and sight-being rather than sight-seeing. In this issue, we’re introducing a new regular column about the hottest topic in travel – expedition cruising. The exponential growth and the arrival of so many new, small and lovely expedition/explorer yachts is amazing and – mark my words – you’re quite likely to book a cruise on one of these in the next five years.

At Cruise & Travel Lifestyles magazine, we determined early on that river cruising would be a burgeoning segment of the overall cruise market and we knew it would be of great interest to our readers. In every issue we have one or – as in this instance – two articles on river ships featuring their itineraries and innovative onboard experiences. Smaller, luxurious ships are becoming ever more popular too, as people try cruising and then expand their horizons from rivers to the seas and the less traveled oceans of the world. Perhaps their hope is to visit every continent. After all, what might have seemed impossible to a number of us just 20 years or so ago, is now not that big a reach!

Why not travel to every continent in some fashion or other? Why not seek out gorillas in East Africa, King penguins in the Antarctic or the endangered polar bear in our own Arctic lands? Ships can take us to all of these places in great comfort and style, showcasing destinations and wildlife that we may never have imagined.

We can become sight-being explorers in our own right, kayaking amidst sea lions and ice on the White Continent, traveling to the Russian Far East, and watching the largest gathering of humpback whales in the far-flung Kimberley in Australia as they come to mate every August, or getting up close and personal with a blue-footed booby in the Galapagos. Why not?

Authenticity is a hallmark of what many travelers wish to experience these days. Yes, beach vacations and villas in Tuscany are still immensely popular – as they should be. But I find more and more of my peers are yearning for immersive and experiential vacation options. The cruise lines and tour companies are listening and have expanded their offerings to such a degree, it’s mindboggling. I know many people who have visited Africa or South America in recent years – as I have myself, adding another continent to my list, with just one more to go!

Our goal is to give you a really enjoyable read, to stimulate your travel senses, and to inform you of what’s new, where you might want to go next and to ensure that you discover lesser-known areas, resorts, hotels and cruise ships of all kinds. We will continue to introduce new ideas and columns and will ensure that our wonderful editor and writers travel the globe to show us where we might want to journey next – whether it’s a far away land or a new destination in our own country.

Enjoy your travels wherever they may take you.


Vanessa Lee

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Originally published in Cruise & Travel Lifestyles Spring/Summer 2018 issue.