by Liz Fleming

Valley HoCourtesy of Valley Ho

Love Mad Men? Book yourself a getaway at Scottsdale’s ultra-glam, mid-century modern treasure the Valley Ho Hotel. If Don Draper doesn’t join you for cocktails, we’ll be very surprised.

Built in 1956, the Valley Ho was the playground of stars like Jimmy Durante, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Ted Williams and more. That chic factor survived into the 1960’s but by the 1970’s, tastes changed and the glitz evaporated. It languished until 2000 when new owners restored its former glory and the Valley Ho was reborn.

Valley Ho Loft SuiteCourtesy of Valley Ho

In the heart of downtown Scottsdale, surrounded by funky boutiques, art galleries, cafes and restaurants, the Valley Ho is a celebration of the architecture, style and vibe of the 1950’s. While any room in this chic retreat would stun you with its retro-but-comfy look, you’ll be completely blown away by the spacious tower suites.

Featuring a stunning view of Camelback Mountain, our two-level suite offered a fully outfitted harvest-yellow kitchen and a spacious living and dining room, complete with a vintage Monopoly set. Comfort hadn’t been sacrificed in the interests of historical accuracy – the beds were fab, there was fast, free Wi-Fi and the televisions were unabashedly 21st century widescreen plasma. We even had a small washer and dryer that proved very handy after a couple of dusty desert hikes.

Valley Ho Loft Suite bedCourtesy of Valley Ho

The bathroom included not only a glass shower stall into which – had we been so inclined - we could have fit seven or eight friends, but also the biggest bathtub in which I’ve ever had the pleasure of lolling. When I filled it and lowered my 5’4” self in, my feet didn’t reach the far end and the water hit my chin, but came nowhere near the top of the tub itself. It was a tub fit for another fifties star - the Jolly Green Giant.

Valley Ho PoolCourtesy of Valley Ho

The fab fifties vibe extended throughout the property, from ZuZu restaurant, where we found that food our mums thought very fancy - like Beef Stroganoff – is still delicious, to the VH Spa that offered an equally delicious menu of massages, facials and body treatments.

Next time you’re in Arizona, escape the heat by checking into the Valley Ho, arguably Scottsdale’s coolest hotel.

Originally published in Cruise & Travel Lifestyles Winter/Spring 2016 issue.

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