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Uncommon Access - Tauck Blue Danube River Cruise
Dec 15, 2014
A Tauck Blue Danube river cruise treats guests to fascinating behind-the-scenes glimpses of grand libraries and fairy tale palaces. Long-standing tour operator Tauck has a slogan they like to use in their marketing materials: “Never Settle for Ordinary.” It’s a curiously...
Operas and Authors - Avalon's Newest Cruises
Nov 21, 2014
When a cruise line’s special interest offerings are always sell-outs, what comes next? New themes! For 2015, Avalon Waterways is introducing author and opera cruises to its already diverse and robust lineup of “passion” cruises. Book lovers will adore the Author...
A River Safari on the Zambezi Queen
Oct 22, 2014
There’s nothing quite like an elegant river safari on the Chobe River between Namibia and Botswana. Wake up to grunting hippos, and watch elephants at sunset while sipping champagne. “Hippos!” Our guide, Gilbert, points to a jumble of large round boulders...
Launching Catherine
Oct 6, 2014
A Stunning and Truly Breathtaking New River Ship has arrived and is now sailing the French waterways on the Saône and Rhône Rivers from Spring to Fall every year.
Rolling On the River
Oct 1, 2014
River cruising is nothing new; several lines have existed since the 1990’s. But it has taken two decades of slow but steady innovation to bring the industry to where it is today: arguably the fastest growing sector of the travel...
Water for Dragons
Sep 30, 2014
Opening up worlds of Asian adventure, the AmaLotus cruises from Cambodia to Vietnam down the mighty Mekong River. It’s my first day on the Mekong, and I am touring a village – but it is unlike any settlement that I’ve ever...
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