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Summer Cruising on the Danube River

· Main destination Austria

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Journey along the Danube and see firsthand why this storied river has inspired generations of artists, poets and musicians. Indulge your passion for timeless architecture and art in three magnificent capital cities situated along the river banks: Budapest, Bratislava and Vienna. Visit small charming towns such as the winemaking hamlet of Spitz, where only the AmaMagna is allowed to dock, Melk and Dürnstein in Austria. In Vilshofen, Germany, enjoy an exclusive year-round Oktoberfest celebration in a dedicated tent, exclusively for AmaWaterways guests. Follow the paths of kings and queens (the Habsburg royalty among them) on up to five included excursions each day. Enjoy guided hikes to hilltop castles such as Bratislava’s gleaming fortress, bike tours to beautiful sites like Klosterneuburg Abbey and tastings of local delights, such as the cake that started a national holiday in Austria: sacher-torte. Enjoy the local nightlife as each capital and its architectural wonders illuminate after sunset. And on June 29th, celebrate Danube Day, a cross-national day of festivities enjoyed by residents of over 10 European countries. 

The river is in AmaWaterways' blood. The brand's co-founder Rudi Schreiner grew up in Vienna, Austria and his expertise has helped curate the most authentic experiences for AmaWaterways guests. So whether you are sailing the Danube River for the first time or returning to venture deeper into the cities that inspired you most, you will have the opportunity to see and do more with AmaWaterways than ever before.  

One of the many highlights of summer cruising is spending time up on the Sun Deck, watching the world go by as your ship makes its way from one port to another. Every AmaWaterways vessel offers a spacious Sun Deck with plenty of seating, fresh air and panoramic views where their attentive wait staff visit frequently to offer you refreshing drinks. Most ships also include heated sun-deck swimming pools, perfect for cooling down after an included morning hike or biking excursion, while other ships offer a soothing whirlpool that beckons as the sun sets. AmaMagna is the only ship in AmaWaterways’ fleet with both a sun-deck pool and whirlpool, as well as a pickleball court to keep you healthy and entertained while cruising.

Summer is a great time to travel with your school-aged children or grandchildren, spending quality time while exploring Europe’s enchanting cities and countryside together. The kids will have so much fun, they won’t even feel like they are learning valuable art, history and language lessons about the old world surrounding them. Select ships in AmaWaterways’ fleet offer a limited number of triple and quad occupancy or connecting staterooms ideal for families. Plus, with AmaWaterways’ variety of included excursions, guests of all ages are accommodated with tours ranging from gentle walkers to active hikes and bike rides, cooking or tasting tours and so much more! Read about one family's travel experience on the Danube here.

Ships with Connecting Staterooms: AmaLea, AmaMagna, AmaViola 
Ships with Triple or Quadruple* Occupancy Staterooms: AmaBella, AmaLea*, AmaMagna*, AmaVerde, AmaViola*

With fairly predictable balmy weather throughout most European destinations, sundresses, shorts and short-sleeved shirts make for stress-free packing and lighter bags. You can likely get away with just carry-on luggage to avoid any potential hassle at busy airports. Zip through customs, unpack once on board and let the vacation begin right away. You can also rely on Ama's convenient, attractively priced laundry service if needed.  

2024 Summer Danube River Cruises

Magna on the Danube ( 7-nights Budapest to Vilshofen, Germany aboard AmaMagna)
May 19-September 29, 2024
Indulge your passion for awe-inspiring architecture, timeless music, breathtaking landscapes and culinary delights on this beautifully curated itinerary specifically designed for the AmaMagna. Apricot brandy and chocolate tasting in Dürnstein and an exclusive wine festival in Spitz are only a few of the epicurean experiences you'll indulge in. Vienna, home to a treasure trove of Baroque splendours, including the grand Schönbrunn Palace, gives you a glimpse into bygone grandeur; while Budapest and Bratislava offer a vibrant mix of east and west. With plenty of daytime scenic sailing, you'll be able to enjoy the extraordinary AmaMagna to its fullest—from al fresco dining to spinning with a view.

Romantic Danube (7-nights Vilshofen, Germany to Budapest aboard AmaViola, AmaLea, AmaBella, AmaSonata or AmaVerde)
May 11 – September 28, 2024
Those longing for the romance of Old World Europe will get to travel into the very heart of the continent, where empires were built, kings and queens were crowned and some of the world’s greatest music was composed and performed by the likes of Mozart, Johann Strauss II and Beethoven. Grand European cities like Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest forever remain timeless. Admire the beauty of Salzburg and its Sound of Music fame as well as the Czech Republic’s charming UNESCO listed town, Český Krumlov. From grand abbeys and fortresses perched high above the Danube to iconic UNESCO World Heritage Sites, be romanced by the Danube with all her regal and romantic splendour.

Melodies of the Danube (7-nights Budapest to Vilshofen, Germany aboard AmaViola, AmaLea, AmaBella, AmaSonata or AmaVerde)
May 11 – September 21, 2024
One of AmaWaterways’ most popular itineraries for first-time guests. It includes three grand capitals (Budapest, Bratislava and Vienna) as well as guided hikes to hilltop castles, bike tours and two exclusive experiences, an Oktoberfest celebration and a private tour of Greinburg Castle in Austria. You will journey along the Danube and see firsthand why this storied river has inspired generations of artists, poets and musicians. Cruise through the enchanting Strudengau Valley and let the melodies of the Danube carry you from one gem to another on a river journey through time.

Blue Danube Discovery (7-nights Budapest to Nuremberg, Germany aboard AmaSonata)
May 15 – July 10, 2024
Discover a wealth of art, history and cultural treasures as you cruise from Budapest to Vienna, then onto Passau, known as the city of three rivers, and the 2,000-year-old town of Regensburg, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Along the way, visit magnificent cathedrals and Baroque abbeys, sample Vienna’s sinfully rich sacher-torte cake, experience the breathtaking scenery of the Wachau Valley winemaking region and traverse Europe’s Continental Divide.

Select itineraries such as Legendary Danube and Celebration of Classical Music: The Danube offer overnights in key cities so you can experience the nightlife in these fascinating destinations.

Legendary Danube (7-nights Nuremberg, Germany to Budapest aboard AmaSonata)
May 22 – July 17, 2024
Delve into Europe’s history starting in the perfectly preserved medieval city of Nuremberg and concluding in Budapest. In between, cruise through the man-made marvel, the Main-Danube Canal, across the Continental Divide and through the UNESCO-designated Wachau Valley. Explore medieval Regensburg and visit Vienna where imperial dynasties built a harmonious blend of architectural wonders. Throughout your journey, get a feel for the land by biking and hiking, and sampling delicate wines and hearty beers.

Celebration of Classical Music: The Danube (7-nights Budapest to Vienna aboard AmaViola)
June 1 & June 8, 2024
From Strauss’s The Blue Danube to Mozart’s Linz Symphony, the Danube River has inspired countless musicians throughout the centuries. Their famous melodies are carried on the river’s current, which you’ll follow through some of the most spectacular capitals – Budapest, Hungary; Bratislava, Slovakia; and Vienna, Austria – where they lived, composed and performed, as well as to cities such as Salzburg, Austria, where Mozart was born. Along the way, you will be treated to a variety of live performances by renowned musicians that are sure to fill your heart with love for the Danube throughout the ages. Whether you are a musician yourself, a classical music connoisseur or simply a discerning traveller seeking a nuanced and immersive experience, you will love this incredible classical music themed journey.

Gems of Southeast Europe (7-nights Budapest to Giurgiu, Romania aboard AmaBella, AmaVerde
May 5 – September 30, 2024
Touch history in Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania, as you sail along the more exotic lower Danube, winding through a series of magnificent gorges between the Carpathian and Balkan Mountains, forming a natural border between Serbia and Romania. Celtic fortifications, medieval towns and grand cities, along with the natural beauty of pastoral landscapes and the famed natural wonder, the Iron Gates, showcase the best of eastern Europe. Learn how to make traditional Bulgarian yoghurt and Banitsa pastry in Vidin and explore Vucedol Museum in Vukovar (Croatia), one of the most important archeological sites in Europe. Nature lovers will relish the opportunity to bike through Belgrade’s sprawling Kalemegdan Park. Wine connoisseurs will have a chance to taste history from the centuries-old wine-growing hills dating back to the Romans in Croatia. Be treated to the flavours, sights, sounds and cultures of this diverse swath of the continent.

Most AmaWaterways' Danube River cruises can be extended with a pre- and post-cruise land package in Budapest, Prague or Munich for deeper destination immersion and exploration. Contact your travel professional for details or visit here.

Select Points of Distinction for AmaWaterways
1.   Every Excursion Included - Choose from up to six each day  – guided hikes and bike tours at different lengths and experience levels, enriching city tours offered at three activity levels, culinary demonstrations, wine tastings, and excursions for late risers, all operated in small groups. During each excursion and at each activity level, guests will have a unique shore experience.
2.    Complimentary Sip and Savour – Expert chefs prepare exquisite dishes at every meal, using only the highest quality, freshest locally sourced ingredients. Menus reflect the distinctive regions AmaWaterways ships cruise through and are accompanied by unlimited wines thoughtfully selected to enhance your dining experience during every lunch and dinner, as well as beer and soft drinks. Every guest will have the chance to dine one special evening at The Chef’s Table, where a multi-course tasting menu is prepared in front of your eyes with finesse, free of charge. Plenty of delicious alternatives are available if you require low-sodium, vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free options. There is even a Sip & Sail cocktail hour every night just before dinner with complimentary wine, beer, spirits and soft drinks served.
3.    Fewer Guests On Board – With some of the largest accommodations on the rivers, Ama’s award-winning ships offer the luxury of space and breathtaking views while welcoming an average of just 156 guests on each departure. With innovations such as staterooms with twin balconies (both a French balcony and outside balcony), entertainment on demand system, Wi-Fi access, mini-fridge, desk and a sitting-area you will have everything you need to relax and rejuvenate within your floating home away from home.
4.   Your Journey is Ama’s Passion – Attentive and professional, extraordinarily warm and genuine crew brings passion into your journey every day and always goes above and beyond to make you smile. From the Cruise Manager who drove to the airport to reunite a beloved teddy bear with his grateful young owner to the Hotel Receptionist who biked into town to retrieve a purchase left behind, AmaWaterways’ crew is the reason guests return year after year. They are more than just highly trained – they “sparkle” and make your vacation extra special.

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