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Experience the globe like never before with Globus, a trusted travel companion that's been creating unforgettable adventures for nearly a century. Globus understands your thirst for more; more experiences, more exclusivity, and more flexibility, and that's exactly what they provide through their innovative Choice Touring, a fresh take on traditional group touring that's sure to ignite your spirit of adventure.

Imagine a tour where you're in the driver's seat, having the freedom to choose from a vibrant menu of YourChoice excursions. These personalized experiences offer you the chance to shape your vacation your way, with at least two opportunities to choose your own adventure on every YourChoice day. Fancy a tranquil nature walk in the morning and a heart-pounding flamenco dance by night? Or maybe a serene boat cruise at sunset, followed by a sophisticated wine flight? With Globus, the choice is all yours.

And here's the best part - all these choices, all these possibilities, are included in the package price! No hidden costs or last-minute add-ons, just the freedom to create the perfect travel experience for you.

Even with all this freedom, rest assured that Globus has all the details covered. Their expert Tour Directors, pre-arranged accommodations, and seamless transportation ensure you can relax and enjoy the perfect blend of guided tours and personal exploration.

Discover Choice Touring across 12 distinct locations, spanning from the enchanting highlands of Scotland, through the vibrant culture of Spain, to the warm hospitality of the Southern United States. With new and refreshed itineraries for 2024, Globus is offering a world of wonder with countless ways to immerse yourself in it.

Choice Tours by Globus

Scotland By Design

More haggis or more history? More insider stories or Outlander scenery? Another dram of whisky or a dramatic, cascading waterfall? That’s the beauty of Scotland and now, you can choose how to rock your tartans on this 9-day vacation from Edinburgh to Glasgow with a menu of included YourChoice Excursions.

Ireland By Design

More rounds of stout and Sláinte! or made-from-scratch soda bread? More Wilde or the Wild Atlantic Way? Enjoy a grand craic in Ireland’s oldest pub or the grand architecture of Kylemore Abbey. Who’s ready to indulge in endless shenanigans with help from Globus' Choice Touring on this 8-day discovery from Dublin.

Greece By Design

Embark on an odyssey of epic proportions on this 8-day Greek vacation. How will you unleash your inner god or goddess? Sailing on sapphire waters? Exploring ancient treasures? Mixing it up with the locals or stirring up Greek specialties? With complimentary excursions, you choose when, where, and how to say, “Opa!”

Switzerland and Lake Como By Design

Swiss chocolate or cheese? Milan fashion or Como’s fashionable homes? Train-hopping adventures or sweet tooth-inspired tastings. Wine a little or a lot?! Mountains of possibilities await you on Globus’ 8-day vacation from Zurich to Como. This Swiss adventure is so cool, it “Bernes!”

Umbria & Tuscany By Design

Any way you slice it, this 8-day journey through the kitchens and countryside of Umbria & Tuscany will inspire La Dolce Vita in you! How will you feed your travel appetite? Hunting for truffles or tapping in a putt? Soaking in the beauty of waterfalls or stirring watercolours? You can choose to say “ciao!” to golf swings or thermal springs and everything in-between. Veni, Vidi, Vici.

Portugal By Design

Sparkling wine or soulful Fado? Portuguese pastries or pastel plazas? Spend a day retracing the Knights Templar or your nights revelling in foodie traditions. With YourChoice Excursions, you choose how to sip or sway in this land of poets, painters, and pastries. This 8-day vacation rocks!

Portugal & Spain By Design

Catamaran off the Portuguese coast or carafe some Spanish sherry? Marvel at high-stepping horses or step-into history in marvelous piazzas? Glimpse the Rock of Gibraltar or glide into rhythm with Flamenco? This 9-day celebration of all Portugal and Spain have to offer will dance its way into your heart!

Western Canada By Design

Eagles soar and wineries pour on this 7-day journey from vibrant Vancouver to the parks and peaks of Western Canada. How will you fill your cup? With a complimentary selection of excursions, you might put your feet to the pedals, your lips to a Chardonnay, or your eyes to the prized mountain scenery.

Eastern Canada By Design

Toronto to Montreal. How you explore the French-Canadian treasures of Eastern Canada is up to you. Sailing on serene lakes or sipping on sparkling wines? Standing in a field of lavender or a famous vineyard? Soaking in a Scandinavian spa? You choose when, where, and how to say “C’est si bon!”

The Southern U.S. By Design

On this 8-day tour through the South, spend your days your way. More turn-of-the-century architecture or another sweet tea? March in the footsteps of Civil Rights heroes or boogie through rhythm and blues? Harper Lee mysteries or Helen Keller histories? A Kayak on the tributaries or a schooner along the coast? No matter what floats your boat,y’all are in for a toe-tapping, lip-smacking, memory-packing ride from New Orleans to Nashville.

Northern California By Design

Head west for a 9-day adventure with the pioneer spirit of Northern California. Will you strike gold in the Golden State? Ride the rails in Sacramento or glide by kayak on an ancient lake? Trek the trails in Yosemite or tread lightly on the streets of a ghost town? You get to choose whether you climb to new heights or dig deeper to find your California dream. What a rush!

America’s Rocky Mountains By Design

Get outward-bound on an 8-day adventure in the Rocky Mountains. How will you indulge your inner mountaineer? Rafting on a river with a big smile on your face or riding on a chairlift in Big Sky country? Mixing up herbs like a medicine man or mixing with the locals for local beers? Decide how to set your spirit free and enjoy every minute of it!

So why wait? Dive into a world of adventure where you can shape your travel experience to match your dreams. Remember, with Choice Touring by Globus, you're not just travelling, you're choosing the memories you make. Contact your Travel Professional for details or visit here.

Terms, conditions and restrictions apply; pricing, availability, and other details subject to change and/ or apply to US or Canadian residents. Please confirm details and booking information with your travel advisor.