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Silversea Introduces OTIVM

Silversea Introduces OTIVM

Silversea has just unveiled Otium, a new wellness concept that will offer guests a vast range of unique experiences in spa, suite and ship. According to a release from the company, Otium was "inspired by the sensations of the Mediterranean, the ancient romans created a world of leisure called Otium where everything from sumptuous food to spas to socializing became a part of their daily lives."

The Original Art of Comfort

Debuting on Silver Dawn

Guest will enjoy unique experiences of wellness, relaxation, and indulgence onboard Silver Dawn when she debuts in November 2021. The concept will then be rolled out across the entire fleet.

“Otium will not be the kind of spa experience where you’ll have to suffer through a menu of hundreds of treatments with lengthy explanations; this is simply not what we do, and the same goes for technology: you won’t step into a futuristic laboratory where the age defying machinery of the future is developed,” explained Barbara Muckermann, Monaco, Silversea’s Chief Marketing Officer. “What you will find is a customized multi-dimensional experience that will start before the spa, perhaps picking with a butler the fragrance that will accompany you or choosing between a robe and a kimono and fully unfold at the spa, with a personalized path combining special treatments, thermal areas, precious natural elements and ingredients — and also unexpected luxurious touches, like sipping your favorite cocktail or snacking on delicious canapés in the most comfortable armchair.

“Otium will continue after the spa, by the swimming pool or in your suite, with a series of moments, amenities and physical objects – some completely unprompted and surprising – inspired by your journey: a soft blanket and hot chocolate, a bottle of champagne to drink while taking a bath with the same salts you’ve enjoyed at the spa,” continued Muckermann. “And then there’s a completely redesigned sleeping experience: guests spend in bed more than a third of their time on board so it made sense to develop a brand-new mattress – the Otium Soft Touch – which will accompany our redesigned pillow menu, a selection of blankets and our pillow mists. Some of these moments will be quiet, designed for your own enjoyment. Others will prompt socialization with fellow travellers, as human exchange is proven to be nourishing and to naturally enhance the relaxation.”

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