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Staying Places: Flag this Luxurious Petit St. Vincent Resort

Staying Places: Flag this Luxurious Petit St. Vincent Resort

Should you ever find yourself fabulously famous and in desperate need of a vacation escape from the paparazzi, be sure to slip away to the luxurious Petit St. Vincent resort in the beautiful Grenadines.

Actually, why wait for fame? We can all do with the special blend of privacy and top-notch service that sets this resort apart.

There, I enjoyed the comforts of a glam private cottage that featured two queen suites, two uber-comfy beds draped in the softest of linens, two spectacularly spacious bathrooms and best of all, an outdoor living room, dining room and coffee and wine station, fully stocked. If I worked up an appetite moving from one of my glam suites to the other, I could pour a chilled glass of wine, beer, or juice from the fridge, make a cup of tea or coffee, or reach into the everpresent jar of homemade cookies – a constantly refilled delight. Better yet, I could make use of the resort’s very clever flag system.

Just a few steps from my doorway were a post with a pulley that sported two small, colourful flags. Raise one, and a 24hour butler-driven golf cart would appear to whisk me to one or the other of the lovely dining rooms, the bars, the tranquil hillside spa or one of several secluded beaches. Raise the other flag, tuck a food request note into the handy slot and a charming butler would arrive with a private feast, complete with lovely linens, cutlery and whatever my culinary dreams had conjured.

I could easily have spent my entire time on PSV lolling on my lounger in the sunshine but I’m far too social. Instead, I enjoyed a Balinese-style massage at the spa, took a boat trip to a tiny, picturesque island nearby where just one umbrella graced a perfect circle of sand, and picnicked on a secluded beach – with all the goodies delivered by butler cart.

When, as Wordsworth said, the world feels too much with you, the joys of Petit St. Vincent await.

Written by Liz Fleming (Cruise and Travel Lifestyles, Fall 2023)