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Boating holidays in Burgundy: Franche Comté

 Boating holidays in Burgundy: Franche Comté

Burgundy deserves its reputation for fine wines and gourmet cuisine. Lush vineyards hug rolling hills, and quiet villages invite you to linger on. Amidst a network of canals flows the majestic Saône River, the focal point of Le Boat’s Burgundy boat hire in France. This beautiful river ushers you into a world of pleasures, a realm that pleases the senses and soothes the soul.

A river runs through it….

In Vioménil amidst the beautiful Vosges Mountains, the Saône River bubbles crystal clear, draining the hills and valleys along its run of 480 kilometres to the Rhône River in Lyon. It is navigable from Corre all the way to Lyon, a beautiful stretch spanning 371 kilometers and covering some of the prettiest waterways, including adjoining canals and major tributaries.

The Saône is a very gentle river — slow, wide and peaceful below St. Jean-de-Losne on the Big Saône and narrower and more rural above Axonne on the Petit Saône. The Petit Saône, Big Saône and the Seille River are all easy to navigate and suitable for beginner boaters. The adjacent canals are also gentle and inviting. And to help you get an idea of how far you can travel in the time you have, Le Boat offers a selection of routes to and from their three bases in the region. You don’t have to stop at all the places listed or follow the route exactly. So long as you return your boat to your end base by the date you've booked - you're free to enjoy your cruise however you like. For a comfortable pace, allowing you time to regularly stop and explore, Le Boat recommends an average of two to four hours of cruising each day.

Pamper your palate in the heart of magnificent Burgundy!

Wine Tasting

Did you know that more than 200 million bottles of Burgundy wine are sold every year? And we highly recommend you savour some on your wine-tasting cruise. Tour the Côte de Beaune vineyards and stop by the Maison des Vins in Chalon-sur-Saône for regional wines.


Dining in fine restaurants should be part of your Burgundy boating holiday. Try a flan filled with Burgundy snails at Maison Lameloise in Chagny, a 3-star Michelin favourite. How about Idéal mâconnais, a cake made with meringue and butter cream filling? Or pain d’epices (ginger cake)? You will have a hard time deciding what to try next.

Nature Lovers

Burgundy’s rivers and canals are a rich habitat for wildlife. Along the Saône and Doubs you’ll find 42 species of mammals, 30 species of fish and 160 species of birds! Watch for bee-eaters, little ringed plovers, kingfishers, golden orioles, and even the common cuckoo.


A fishing holiday in Burgundy means angling for carp, pike, zander, perch and bream. But the real lure for the passionate angler lurks in the depths of the Saône — Silurus glanis (giant catfish). Try the waters near Beaune for the biggest catch.

What’s included in the price:

  • Hire of the boat and its onboard equipment
  • A fully equipped kitchen
  • Towels and linen for all passengers
  • A boat handling demonstration prior to departure
  • Technical support
  • On-board maps and visitor information
  • Passage through locks

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